CineView HE

Accsoon CineView HE is an HDMI Dual-Band wireless camera transmitter and receiver kit featuring a new USB-C port on receiver for live streaming directly (UVC).

It transmits HD video and HQ audio to up to 4 devices (its receiver, mobile phone, iPad, and even MacBook with the newest M1 chip) through Accsoon’s uniquely patent Dual-Band (2.4GHz + 5GHz) transmission technology. And its brand new USB-C port on the receiver will provides creators, live streamers, and podcasters with much more power to display their work or life through live streaming.





2.4GHz+5GHz Dual-Band Transmission Technology

State-of-the-art Dual-Band transmission technology

Developed by Accsoon engineers, CineView HE is equipped with Dual-Band transmission technology to bring industry-leading stability to the wireless video transmission system. Dual-Band transmission technology means you never have to worry about video or audio drop or switch signal issues again. Designed for demanding photographers, experience smooth and stable shooting, and incredible anti-interference technology to get unparalleled shooting results.


1200ft/350m, 0.06s

Control what you see within long-range & ultra-low latency

CineView HE enables users to experience the stability of transmitting images and audio smoothly over long distance, even the size of a football pitch, with a latency of less than 0.06s.




350M           <60ms



*CineView HE features 350m range transmission and 60ms latency.


HDMI In & Loop-out

Connect in multiple ways

CineView HE’s transmitter features one HDMI in and one HDMI loop-out, which can be connected to the camera and monitor, respectively. What’s more, HDMI loop-out has been upgraded to zero-latency lossless output.



Brand-new Feature: USB Video Class (UVC)

Simplify your live streaming

CineView HE has added a brand-new feature on the receiver: UVC out. From the receiver to the computer, you can use a USB-C cable (user-provided) to transfer the footage received by the receiver to any third-party streaming platform on your computer for live streaming, such as OBS and YouTube, etc. No additional video capture devices needed, the new UVC feature is all you require to live streaming, anywhere and anytime.


Wireless Remote Monitoring App Accsoon Go

Monitor your shot effortlessly

The Accsoon Go offers a huge range of monitoring features that can enhance your shooting workflow. Enjoy high-end monitoring features allowing you to take control of your production at capture with Accsoon Go.


RTMP streaming & remote monitoring from anywhere

Split Screen (only for iPad)

Monitor, record (with LUT), edit or view the script

No Fan Design

Low power consumption and noise-free

CineView HE has a very low power consumption, a single NP-F970 battery can last you 12 hours. CineView HE also has no fan inside, ensuring zero fan noise and a complaint-free sound environment.

Automatic Channel Selection

For FHD video & high-quality audio transmission

At power on, CineView HE will automatically select the best channel for audio and video transmission. The Dual-Band transmission technology will further improve CineView HE’s anti-interference capability to ensure that the high-quality audio and FHD video can be transmitted with nearly undetectable latency via its reliable dual-band transmission signals.

App Downloads





iOS version V 1.2.4/IOS 11.0 or higher





Android version V 1.2.4/Android 6.0 or higher

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