Accsoon F-C01

The Accsoon F-C01 is a small, responsive and reliable wireless focus system that includes a 0.35 N·m high-torque motor with near real time response and excellent 350ft control range.

The F-C01 is equipped with Accsoon’s self-developped FHSS technology. This tech allows the motor and the controller to switch channels at a speed of hundreds of times per second for an incredibly stable connection.


Highly Anti-Interference, Accurate & Stable Control

The F-C01 is equipped with a new FHSS system developed in-house by Accsoon. This tech allows the motor and the controller to communicate constantly, switching channels in unison at a speed of hundreds of times per second within the specified frequency range. The result is an incredibly stable connection that gives the user increased confidence and outperforms the competition systems.


A Responsive, Fast, Reliable Wireless Focusing Tool

The near real-time response between the motor and controller, and high torque of 0.35 N·m, provide 1st ACs and focus pullers a smooth and reliable focusing experience.

Quick A/B Point Setting for Precise Focus Under a Wide Range

The F-C01 allows users to effortlessly set convenient A/B focus marks to make sure they hit their mark every time under an impressive 350ft control range.


Affordable Power Solution

The F-C01 controller runs on the commonly available Sony-type NP-FW50 battery.
And the F-C01 motor can operate on a wide 5-16.8v power range. Both DC to USB-C and D-Tap to USB-C cables are included and allow for the additional power required for stiffer, heavier lenses to be driven.
And when used as an on-camera focus control the two units can be directly wired together via a USB-C cable.

Simple Camera Recording Control at Your Fingertips

F-C01’s compact size pairs perfectly with most camera lenses. Being practical wireless follow focus solution, the F-C01 makes it easy to control camera recording on & off with an extra Accsoon camera control cable*

Control Over Every Detail

Don’t let the petite size of the F-C01 fool you, the system is robust and powerful. The F-C01 has OLED display on both the controller and the motor. This offers an easy-to-use experience for your remote focus control and monitoring. So users have at any time and in real time control over the power level, route bar etc.


A Seamless Integration and Utility to Impress Your Crew

Truly up your on-set focusing game by combining the F-C01 and any of Accsoon’s CineEye or CineView wireless transmission systems. The impressive range of the Accsoon’s Dual-Band wireless signal, matched with F-C01’s impressive FHSS technology ensures a seamless and dependable wireless experience on set. Matched with Accsoon iPad Power Cage, this system is sure to impress your crew.



Achieve High-quality Calibration

F-C01 supports automatic and manual calibration

Fast and simple calibration depends on your camera lenses

Fast Pairing is only A Button Push Away

The F-C01 supports fast pairing. Simply press the PAIR button on the controller and the motor, the two units will automatically pairs with each other and once paired, there is no need to pair them again.

Easy Setup & Strong Compatibility

Quick assembly mounting to 15mm rod

Compatible with most lenses via 0.8mm pitch gear

What’s In The Box

Motor * 1

Controller * 1

Motor Mount Adapter * 1

Controller Quick Release Adapter * 1

1/4″-20 x 5/16″ Socket Head Cap Screw * 6

3/16″ Allen Key * 1

15mm Rod * 1

Focus Gear Ring (0.8 Mod; Supports up to 4.1″ diameter lens) * 1

Motor Power Cable * 1

DC to Type-C Cable * 1

D-Tap to Type-C Cable * 1

User Manual, Warranty Card * 1

F-C01 Details


Operating CurrentStatic Currengt: 105mA (@8.4V)
Stall Current: 1.5A (@8.4V)
 Static Current: 95mA (@8.4V)
Transmitter Power20dBm20dBm
Max Torque0.35N·M0.35N·M
Max Rotation Speed225RPM 225RPM 
Max Transmission Range100m (outdoors and unobstructed) 100m (outdoors and unobstructed) 
Response Time10ms (within communication distance, unobstructed) 10ms (within communication distance, unobstructed) 
Input Voltage5~16.8V 7.4V (N-PFW50 battery input) 
Output Voltage5V8.4V
MaterialAluminium alley, engineering plasticsAluminium alley, engineering plastics
Operation Environment Temperature-10~40℃-10~40℃


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