Encode and Transmit AES67 Streams using Magewell Pro Convert AES67


Encode and Transmit AES67 Streams with the Magewell Pro Convert AES67 


The AES67 standard is designed to establish high-performance audio-over-IP streaming interoperability between IP-based audio networking technologies such as QLAN, Livewire, Dante and RAVENNA. Magewell has recently released the Pro Convert AES67 IP Audio converter, which allows users to encode and decode Analog Audio to various IP standards such as AES67, NDI®, SRT and more. In this blog we will explain how to use Magewell's Pro Convert AES67 IP audio converter and capture device to transmit and encode AES67 streams over a local area network (LAN). 


Used devices:

  • Two Magewell Pro Convert AES67 converters
  • Audio source (in this example a mobile phone is used)
  • Audio playback device (in this example a headphone is used)
  • A laptop, several network cables and audio cables



In the device connection diagram below, you can see how we outlined the content flow.




  • Log into the Web GUI of the first Pro Convert AES67 unit (device A) by using a laptop.
  • Go to the "AES67 TX" tab. Click "Add Session".






  •  Check "Enable" and click "Apply".






  • Click the "Matrix" tab to open the "In-Unbalanced" and "Out-AES67" channel lists.
  • After step 1, check the boxes to pair channel left and right of the Unbalanced input and AES67 output (see the picture below).




  • Log into the Web GUI of the Pro Convert AES67 device B.
  • Go to the “AES67 RX” tab. Click "Add Session".







  • The page will show all the AES67 streams discovered on the LAN.
  • Select AES67 stream sent by device A and click "Apply".




  • Return to the “AES67 RX” tab and click "Apply". 
  • In the "Sessions Added" list "Success" will be shown.








  • Now go to "Matrix" tab of device B.
  • Expand the "In-AES67" and "Out-Unbalanced" channel lists by clicking on it.
  • Check the boxes after this to pair the left and right channels of the AES67 input and Unbalanced output (see the picture below).
  • Right now you will hear the music played by the mobile phone via the headphones plugged into the unbalanced audio interface of device B .


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