Magewell Ultra Encode AIO | 53130

The Magewell Ultra Encode AIO is an Advanced encoder for Streaming and Recording. This encoder is able to encode and stream one live HDMI 4K 30fps input or Full HD 3G-SDI 60fps input. The picture-in-picture and other overlay options allow users to merge both HDMI and SDI inputs for a combined output.

This powerful encoder offers sumltaneous multi-protocol streaming up to eight channels at a bitrate of 32Mbps per stream. Users can choose from a wide variety of formats such as, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), NDI®|HX 2, and NDI®|HX 3. Delivery protocols include RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and TVU’s ISSP technology.

SKU: 531300000

• Mixes video from the HDMI and SDI inputs
(picture-in-picture or side-by-side) into a combined output.
• Allow simultaneous 6 sessions over multiple streaming protocols at 32Mbps per session.
• Variable bitrate control (VBR) - set different bit rates to different streams
• High-efficiency, low-bandwidth NDI®|HX 3 supported.
• Supports streaming and recording schedule.
• Rack-mountable form factor.


Key Features Ultra Encode AIO


The Ultra Encode AIO takes the capabilities of the current Magewell ultra encode product line to a whole new level. The single unit AIO encoder offers expanded features such as input connectivity for both HDMI and SDI. Encode and stream in 4K from the HDMI input or up to 1080p HD at 60 fps from the 3G-SDI input. 


Main Features:


■ HDMI: Encode and Stream up to 4096x2160 at 30fps


3G-SDI: Encode and Stream up to 1080p HD at 60 fps


 Multi-stream: Allow simultaneous 6 sessions over multiple streaming protocols at 32Mbps per session.


■ Picture-in-Picture: Encode and stream the HDMI and SDI inputs simultaneously as a combined input by using the picture-in-picture or side-by-side modes. 


■ Configurable overlays: text, clock, images etc. 










Flexible Formats and Protocols


Ultra Encode AIO offers support for multiple video encoding formats and delivery protocols:


■ Encoding formats: H.264, H.265 (HEVC), NDI®|HX 2, and NDI®|HX 3.


■ Protocols: RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and TVU’s ISSP technology. Up to eight channels of audio can be encoded in AAC format.






Powerful Encoding & Streaming Capabilities

Video can be encoded at resolutions up to 4096x2160 at 30 frames per second from HDMI sources, or up to 1080p HD at 60 fps from the device’s 3G-SDI input. Ultra Encode AIO can stream to up to six different target destinations simultaneously at bitrates up to 32Mbps per stream.



Versatile Recording and Streaming

Ultra Encode AIO supports streaming and recording simultaneously. Inputs can be recorded as files to an SD card or an external, USB-connected storage device or networked storage (NFS, CIFS or SMB).







New NDI®|HX 3 Support

For IP production workflows and AV-over-IP signal distribution architectures, Ultra Encode AIO supports NDI®|HX 3, the latest version of the high-efficiency, low-bandwidth option in the popular NDI® IP media transport technology platform. Ultra Encode AIO also supports the earlier NDI®|HX 2 for broad compatibility.

Specifications and Features

Input Features


  • HDMI max input signal: 4096x2160 60fps 4:2:0; 4096x2160 30fps 4:4:4/4:2:2
  • SDI max input signal: 2048x1080 60fps 4:2:2
  • Input 16-Channel SDI embedded audio
  • Input 8-Channel, 24-bit HDMI embedded audio
  • Input Audio from 3.5mm LINE IN

Streaming Features


  • Natively support streaming to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube
  • Supported streaming protocols: RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/SRT Caller/SRT Listener/NDI®|HX2/NDI®|HX3/HLS (push)/TS over UDP/TS over RTP/TVU ISSP
  • Allow simultaneous 6 sessions over multiple streaming protocols
  • Support for streaming schedule for each destination

Encoding Features


  • Dual stream encoding profiles: main stream and sub stream (Max bitrate: 32Mbps)
  • Support for H.264/HEVC video encoding
  • Encoding 8-channel AAC
  • Variable bitrate control (VBR) - set different bit rates to different streams 



Recording Features

  • Record to an SD card or external USB storage, MP4 or MOV format supported
  • Support for loop recording when recording to SD card
  • Share recorded files with NFS/CIFS/SMB
  • Support for recording schedule



  • LCD monitor for system status and input signal
  • Internet connectivity via wired Ethernet and wireless network
  • Remote control via Web GUI and Magewell Cloud
  • Provide HTTP APIs

Power Adapter x1
Part number: ACC10010

HDMI Cable x1
Part number: ACC00090

Wi-Fi Antenna x2
Part number: ACC09021

M2.5 Screw x7
Part number: PAR10231

Retainer Plate x1
Part number: PAR10232

1U Short Rack Ear x1
Part number: PAR10229

1U Long Rack Ear x2
Part number: PAR10230

We recommend you always use the included accessories to avoid unnecessary damage to your device.
Please note, the appearance of the power adapter may vary due to suppliers or batches. The images here are for reference only.

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