Magewell Upgrades Director Mini Firmware


Magewell Upgrades Director Mini Firmware

December 14th, 2023

Dear Magewell partners,

Magewell is updating firmware of Director Mini portable, all-in-one live production and streaming system to V2.3.571, which enables users to access more advanced new features. Please see the details as follows.

What's new:


  • USB-A ports support smooth capture of YUYV 50/60 fps input.
  • HDMI ports support stable capture of 50/60 fps input.
  • USB-C port supports UVC/UAC output (1080p60@YUYV, 1080p60@NV12).
  • USB-C port supports stable DP output at 50/60 fps.
  • Encode supports H.265 (HEVC).
  • NDI®  supports H.265 encode and decode.
  • NDI HX input supports PCM audio.
  • Supports Bluetooth audio input.
  • Supports multiple USB audio inputs simultaneously.
  • Add global audio settings so users can select default mixing mode for new audio input.
  • YouTube supports HLS ingestion protocol and H.265 encode.
  • Live streaming supports RTMPS protocol.
  • Add input information monitoring of HDMI1/2, WEBCAM 1/2 and all network sources (NDI, SRT, RTMP, Phone Camera) in Control Center, also available on
  • Director Utility App and Web UI.
  • Record1/2 support selecting NDI inputs as recording source.
  • Record supports H.264 and H.265 file formats.
  • Record adds 4 hours, 8 GB and 16 GB options for splitting file.
  • Export/Import Shows between Director Mini devices via USB port, SD card and Web UI.
  • Web UI supports network setting (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Hotspot).
  • Web UI supports changing and managing shows.
  • Web UI adds Encode settings.
  • Web UI reorganizes Scene, GFX, Audio Mixer into one Produce page.
  • Web UI supports watching PGM video and audio in Produce page.
  • Web UI supports creating shortcuts for keyboard, X-Keys, so that user can press a key to calling a function, or a function sequence.
  • Director Utility App supports executing Shortcuts.
  • BGM adds Switch Action setting, so that users can continue playing music from the place it left.
  • User can customize the buttons above scene thumbnail list, decide which is displayed on the Main UI, and which is hidden in the ... menu.
  • The Video Clip "Action" offers Transition setting for itself.
  • Remote Control through App, Director Mini or Web UI for mobile phone zoom and focus.
  • Add network priority so you can set which is preferred network for streaming.
  • Add MDNS so that you could type in "directormini.local" or "name.local" to access web interface quickly.
  • Add Baseball scoreboard templates, supporting controlling Inning, Ball-Strike, Out, and indicating On-base Runners.
  • Change "Hang-time" of telestration to "Auto Clear".
  • Change "Auto Stream" of stream settings to "Quick Stream".
  • Adjust button size of scene and GFX editing toolbar to help users discover more.
  • Optimize Chromakey (formerly named as Keyer).
  • Support distinguishing source name when in a scene with more then one Phone Camera.
  • Fix the issue of unstable bitrate of Phone Camera source.



Firmware V2.3.571 for Director Mini has already been available on Magewell website, users can download it at the product page and Downloads page.

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