Magewell Upgrades USB Fusion Firmware & App


September 7th, 2022


Dear Magewell partners,

Magewell introduces new versions of USB Fusion firmware and the companion tablet app, which enable users to access more advanced new features of the multi-input USB video capture device. Please see the details as follows.

Firmware version number: V1.1.400 & V2.0.7
What's new:
Firmware V1.1.400
Upgrade the storage from 32G to 128G.

Firmware V2.0.7

  • Support connecting Magewell Cloud, two instances at most.
  • Support uploading/downloading/deleting/previewing PDF files, adding them as scenes and implementing operations such as previewing and turning pages.
  • Support adding/deleting web page sources, adding them as scenes and implementing operations such as previewing, going forward and backward.
  • Support adding pictures and texts as watermarks and applying them into the presentation, and support editing and deleting watermarks.
  • Support importing/exporting presentations.
  • Support changing USB C connection name.
  • Support adjust audio offset of the device connected to the WEB CAMERA port.
  • Enhance recording properties, including selecting the source to record and whether to record audio, advanced settings of encoder, customizing file name, splitting file by time or size, etc.
  • Optimize the function of the picture-in-picture button.
  • Optimize the function of the side-by-side button.
  • Support previewing imported music.
  • Fix the sound issue with Logitech H340 headset.
  • Fix the sound capture issue with ROCWARE RC08 PC camera.
  • Fix known issues.


App version number: V2.0.335 for Android & V2.0.0 for iOS
What's new:

  • Support importing PDF files to add as scenes, using toolbar or gestures to implement various operations including zooming in and out, turning pages, jumping to a specified page, fitting page size or width, visiting hyperlinks, annotating, etc.
  • Support adding web pages as scenes, using toolbar or gestures to implement various operations including zooming in and out, visiting hyperlinks, inputting new address, refreshing, going forward and backward, annotating, inputting text with the remote keyboard, etc.
  • Support applying watermarks in the presentation.
  • Support changing the color of scene background, or using system images or customized images as scene background.
  • Add a video playback policy which switching to the next scene when the video is finished.
  • Fix known issues.


Please upgrade the firmware to V1.1.400 first, and then upgrade to V2.0.7. Both firmware has already been available on Magewell website, users can download them at the Downloads page.  

You can update your stock. We'll start to use the newest firmware in the future productions. Please update it to your customers if necessary. Thank you!

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