Magewell Eco Capture HDMI 4K M.2 |11524

The Eco Capture Dual HDMI 4K M.2 is a one-channel 4K HDMI capture card with connection for a M.2 slot. This Eco card supports video capture for one HDMI signal up to 4096×2160 pixels with embedded audio, and high-frame rate capture up to 144fps. These cards (22x80mm) are designed for small and portable systems that do not have space for full-size PCIe slots.

The Magewell Eco Capture M.2 cards offer high-performance and powerful video capture solutions with low power consumption. The Magewell SDK enables developers to customize the Magewell APIs for lower-latency capture and synchronize channels across multi-channel or even multiple capture cards.

- Single channel 4k capture card
- HDMI + embedded audio

Part number: 11524
SKU: 115240000
- Two options are provided to support different input connectivity. Check the part number 11520
Eco Capture HDMI 4K M.2

How to connect Magewell Eco Capture cards?

The Magewell Eco CaptureHDMI 4k M.2 supports one HDMI input which can be connected via the included FPC to HDMI type A2 adapter. Open the metal slot of the adapter, insert the ribbon cable, and lock it. Then insert the ribbon cable into the Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2 card (with the metal part of the cable facing upwards).


Specifications and Features



Input Interface

  • HDMI x1
  • Support input resolution up to 4096×2160 pixels


Host Interface

M.2(PCIe Gen2 x4)

Video Engine


8-bit video processing



Color Adjustment

Hardware Timestamp

Color Space Conversion

Up/down Conversion

Aspect Ratio Conversion

SG-DMA Transmission mode

Signal Detection & Support


Auto Detection of Input Signal Format


Time Code

Software Environment



Windows, Linux


Driver and Firmware

Universal Driver, Updatable Firmware


Included Software

Capture Express


Compatible Software



Low Power Consumption

Multiple Replicated Capture Streams

Low Latency Mode

Multiple Devices on One Host

Mounting Hole

Continuously Work for 24hx7

Windows&Linux SDK

2-year Warranty

Dip Switch

LED Status Indicator

Accessory Included

Magewell Eco Capture HDMI 4K M.2
Eco Capture HDMI 4K

FPC ribbon cables (10 cm)
Part number: 90091

2 x FPC to HDMI type A2 adapters
Part number: 90092

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