Magewell Pro Convert SDI TX |64060

The Magewell Pro Convert SDI TX converts one HD 3G-SDI input signal into Full NDI®, enabling users to connect existing source equipment into NDI or IP media networks. This device supports one SDI video signal up to 2048x1080 60fps with 8bit NDI encoding up to 2048x1080 60fps.

The plug-and-play simplicity of the Magewell Pro Convert SDI TX makes it very easy to use. Once connected, the device will automatically detect the input formats. All network configuaration settings are done through DHCP.

The Magewell Pro Convert Encoders offer aslo a perfect solution for connecting SDI or HDMI cameras into NDI workflows. In addition, the encoders feature PTZ control for centralized and remote control of PTZ cameras.

- Converts one 3G-SDI input signal into Full NDI®
- Supports signal input up to 2048x1200 60fps
- Supports NDI encoding output up to 2048x1200 60fps 4:2:2 8-bit
- DHCP network configuration

SKU: 64060
Magewell Pro Convert SDI TX

Easily pair Magewell Pro Convert encoders and decoders


The Magewell Pro convert encoders convert HDM and SDI signals to Full NDI®. Users are also able to encode to NDI|HX® when paired with the Magewell decoders

Ultra Low Latency 


When users choose to transmit video over the network, the transmission latency is often what they care about most. During the entire transmission process, the selection of software and hardware encoders & decoders is very important, which can directly affect the latency of network transmission. The average latency for all pro convert encoders and decoders is 47ms at 1080p@60fps. Read more about latency below.

FPGA-based video processing


Easy Access and Installation



The Pro Convert Encoders feature Plug-and-Play and Easy installation. The devices automatically detect your DHCP-based network as well as the video input format. The Magewell web GUI interface offers more flexibility and allows users to control devices and settings. 


For a single 1080p or 4Kp60 input, Pro Convert requires 100Mbps to 250Mbps to deliver an NDI stream. A Gigabit network can deliver 6 to 7 1080p60 streams or 2 to 3 4Kp60 streams while guaranteeing stable transmission.


Other Features

Power via Power over

Ethernet (PoE) or USB

power supply

Program and preview

tally lights


video processing

Remote NDI control

of PTZ cameras

Automated failover


Send NDI streams

across network segments

Specifications and Features

Input Features


  • 3G-SDI input
  • Support for up to 2048x1080 60fps input
  • Support for up to 16 (mono) audio channels

NDI Format


  • Support for up to 2048x1080 60fps 4:2:2 8-bit NDI encoding
  • Send NDI streams across network segments
  • Remotely control PTZ cameras via NDI
  • Support for NDI 5.x

Features & Advantages


  • Very low latency
  • Advanced configuration and device status through intuitive Web GUI
  • Tally lights and camera mounting for live production applications
  • HTTP-based APIs for custom integration

Accessory Included

Power adapter
Power Adapter Pro Convert SDI TX
USB cable Pro Convert SDI TX
DIN cable Pro Convert SDI TX

Power Adapter (US/EU/UK/AU/JP)x1
Part number: 98017

Power Adapter (KR) x1
Part number: 98015

USB Type A to Type B cable x1
Part number: 90065

Mini DIN8 to DIN8+DB9 cable x1
Part number: 90110

Light Pro Convert SDI TX
Bracket Pro Convert SDI TX

Tally Light x1
Part number: 99090

L bracket x1
Part number: 92240

Two types of power adapters are provided as options to meet your need. Please choose the right part number when placing the order to our dealers. We recommend you always use the included accessories to avoid unnecessary damage to your device. Please note, the appearance of the power adapter may vary due to suppliers or batches. The images here are for reference only.

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