PTZOptics Producer Bundles


Dour Next Chapter in Modern Video Production Begins Here



Dive into the PTZOptics Producer bundles, our easy to setup systems, tailored for every production aspiration. Choose from the 1080p resolution Producer-SE or elevate your vision with the 4K-ready Producer-4K. Each bundle is 100% PoE-ready for easy setup and breakdown or permanent installation. Share your vision with a trio of 20X PTZ cameras, ensuring close-up shots even from afar.




1080p Excellence: The Producer-SE Bundle




With 3 award-winning 20X Move SE cameras, the Producer-SE bundle delivers precision in every shot, even from a distance. Enjoy 1080p clarity, bringing lifelike quality to every frame along with convenient auto-tracking capabilities. Plus, streamline your setup process with the included PT-JOY-G4 IP/serial connected joystick controller. Seamlessly integrate, manage multiple settings, and enjoy intuitive control for a budget-friendly price. Offering an array of outputs, from SDI to HDMI, USB and IP, the Move SE cameras are the epitome of versatility and excellence.






Ultimate Precision: The Producer-4K Bundle



Capture every detail in ultra-high-definition 4K with 3 award-winning 20X Move 4K cameras. Each camera includes our most advanced auto-tracking capabilities and comes native with NDI®|HX for unparalleled performance and versatility. Elevate your production control with the SuperJoy’s superior control features, setting a new standard in joystick operations. The fusion of 4K video clarity with the advanced SuperJoy controller offers unmatched video production prowess, meeting the demands of professionals seeking the best.



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