Video capture converter


Magewell USB capture, Pro Capture & Pro convert


We offer devices, designed and developed by Magewell, for media capture and conversion. The simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reliability of our products have made them the preferred choice for bringing video and audio signals into and out of IP workflows and popular software for live streaming, production, web conferencing and more.


Magewell Video Capture families: 

  • USB capture
  • USB capture plus
  • Eco capture
  • Pro capture


Magewell Video Convert families:


Pro Convert NDI® Encoder Family. Distributed, IP-Based Live Production and AV-over-IP over Standard Networks.

Pro Convert Decoder Family. Flexibly and reliably decode AV-over-IP and Internet Video Streams.

Unveiling the Power of Video Capture Converters: Transform Your AV Experience

Video capture converters are your gateway to a world of seamless connectivity and versatile content creation. These innovative devices bridge the gap between different video formats, enabling you to capture, convert, and stream video content effortlessly.

Magewell video capture converter
Magewell capture video converter

  • Experience Connectivity Beyond Boundaries: Video capture converters redefine the way you connect your devices. Whether you're capturing footage from analog sources, gaming consoles, or cameras, these converters ensure that your content is transformed into a digital format that can be easily edited, shared, or streamed.
  • Seamless Format Conversion: With video capture converters, you can seamlessly convert analog signals into digital formats, ensuring that your video content retains its quality during the conversion process. Whether it's for archival purposes, content creation, or live streaming, these devices ensure that your visuals are preserved in all their glory.
  • Versatility for Content Creation: Video capture converters open up a world of possibilities for content creators. Easily capture gameplay, digitize old VHS tapes, or convert presentations into digital formats. The flexibility offered by these converters allows you to unleash your creativity without limitations.




  • Enhanced Streaming and Broadcasting: For live streamers, broadcasters, and event organizers, video capture converters are indispensable tools. Capture live events, seminars, or concerts in real-time, converting them into formats suitable for streaming platforms, ensuring that your audience enjoys a high-quality viewing experience.
  • Explore Video Capture Converters at MVD Europe: As your trusted source for professional AV solutions, MVD Europe offers a range of video capture converters to cater to your unique needs. Discover our collection and equip yourself with the tools that bring connectivity and versatility to your content creation journey. Elevate your AV experience with video capture converters from MVD Europe today.

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